Monkey gained a step-sister in the Scottish Highlands.  Her name is Truffles the Highland Cow, and you can find her blog over at

Monkey went on a tour to the Scottish Highlands!  She saw Highland Cows, the Three Sisters Mountains, and Loch Ness.  At the last picture you can see Monkey pointing at the water — is it Nessie?

Monkey selfies in London! Monkey saw Big Ben and the outside of Parliament, inside the Churchill War Rooms, the outside of Westminster Abbey, and other London-y things.  And rode in the cart to Platform 9 3/4!

Monkey at Moulin Rouge in Paris.

Monkey went to the Palace of Versailles.  It was huge!  She got lost in the gardens — the acres and acres of gardens that included formal gardens and fountains, a smaller palace, and another large house, and a small working farm — all built for the kinds of France and their consorts or mistresses.

Monkey went to Notre Dame!

Monkey at the Louvre!  She had lots of fun looking at and blasphemously interacting with the art.

Monkey and the Eiffel Tower.  Monkey enjoyed going Godzilla on the Eiffel Tower and taking some artistic looking pictures.

While at the Big Cheese Festival, Monkey met some Medieval reenactors, some turtles, some birds of prey, tried out a giant crossbow, and helped a giant hold up a wall.

Monkey went to the Big Cheese Festival in Caerphilly, Wales.  To kick off the festival, cheese races are held, whereby a team of 2 holds a board with a round cheese sitting on it and runs a race.  There were different sections of the cheese race — youth sections and adult sections — and some of the sections were run as a relay race with three or four team members trading off with the cheese board.  Many of the teams dressed up in costume.  Yes, those are smurfs you see above.