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In other news, Berlin REALLY decorates for Christmas.

Monkey at the Stockholm history museum.

It was very Christmas-y.  Also — LOTS OF GNOMES AND THEY’RE ALL CUTE!  (Yes, I did buy a gnome.  A small one.  Just the head.  With a very fluffy beard.  Monkey made me.)


Monkey went to the Palace in Stockholm!

The guard above was a bit wary of my digging in my bag in front of him (no, duh, but I didn’t think of that until afterwards), but when I produced Monkey and sat her on a pole — and then produced Monkey’s hat and put the hat on — he actually smiled before going back to his professional stoic expression.

Also, the palace museum was extremely creepy, especially since it was just Monkey and me wandering around, it was dimly lit, and occasionally there would be voice recordings going off in different exhibits.

Creepy drowned ship the Vasa.  Find the story here.

More pictures of Skansen!

Monkey and I went to Skansen in Stockholm.  Skansen is like a Williamsburg, VA but for all of Sweden.  It has buildings that were donated from all over Sweden, from different time periods.  They were lifted wholesale from their original locations and put down in Skansen in different areas, so that there are farmsteads and schoolhouses and churches from different times and places and as you walk the grounds you can travel through time and culture.  There’s also a town portion with a baker, a printer, an herbalist, and others.

The Christmas Market portion was a bit like a Renaissance Faire, though.  Lots of food and things to buy, and everyone had their own little stall with a name and a picture above them.  For the first time I realized how helpful those little pictures really are — considering all the names of things were in Swedish.

Pictures from Oslo!  There’s the Nobel Peace Prize and some castle that I don’t remember the name of.

Monkey going punting for Purim dressed as a mummy!

Monkey with Demeter of Knidos, dressed as a mummy for Purim.